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Houston Rockets Toyota Center sits today, against the defending champion Kobe Bryant led the Lakers. The visitors center Andrew Bynum, the home team because of injury to Yao Ming sidelined, the Rockets behind 12 points in the second quarter was negative situation will be worse under the tenacious reduced to 3 points. Martin overtake the second half, the Rockets regained consciousness once 1 minute, even though Kobe Bryant scored 27 points to help the Lakers stay ahead in the fourth quarter. But Shane Battier in the final 3 minutes, one person scored 11 points, led the Rockets to a successful go-ahead and pull the score. Rockets to 109-99 victory over the Lakers final, at the opening game defeat away to revenge, but to give the Lakers four-game losing streak. The campaign over, the Rockets overall record of 6 wins and 12 losses, the Lakers 13 wins 6 losses.

After the opening two games are not fast paced attack, hit rate is not high, beat 1 minute, the right side of the paint ball Scola hit a layup shot, 2-0 board finally broke the deadlock! Odom layup to regain 2 points since the two 2 levels, 4 levels began to tug of war. Scola complain about referees eat 1 technical foul, Bryant free throws, dumped with 3 points, the Lakers 7-4 go-ahead score. After the two sides still can not pull points difference, Asics Shoes the deadlock to Section 5 minutes 58 seconds left, Bryant led the Lakers the ball break layup to lead 13-10, shortly after the Afghan commander called for the first time suspended. Both sides frequently mistakes after a pause, substitute striker Budinger long shot third, middle one break dunks with both hands scored 5 points, helping the Rockets 17-15 2 points successfully overtake! Did not last long, time-tested Gasol one on one singles old Miller, Lamar Odom succeeded continuous long shot, hit a small wave height of 11 to 6, the final 24 seconds in the first quarter to help lead the Lakers 26-23 3-end re- the first section.

Section II of the gradual control of the situation the Lakers, Shannon - Brown jumper, layup continuous score, Odom hit the high jumper to help the visiting team 36-27 points difference successfully opened to 9 points! Adelman Xianshibumiao request immediately suspended. After a pause, and did not give the Rockets bench, a nice little steal Blake Smith, back flying dunks score, even blown off by the referee! 2 points not only to send the Rockets a chance to edge the ball, the home team morale was affected. Shortly after Kobe Bryant free throw 2 times, back layup continuous score, the Lakers 49-40 in the second quarter forcing Adelman 3 minutes 59 seconds left to again request a short pause of 20 seconds. After the third suspension of the old fish hit the long shot, the Lakers led by as 12 points, but the Rockets finally waking up, Scola and Lori together for 2 minutes before the end of the first half, shot 13 to 2 tide, Scola layup to help The home team trailed the Lakers 53-54 1 minute! Bryant reluctantly turned the last 1 sec Middle buzzer jumper, the Lakers still lead 56-53 3 minutes into the intermission.

Slow and steady second half the Lakers, Kobe Bryant turned up jumper for a head start, then Odom baseline jumper succeeded, leading the Rockets to help the visiting team 60-55 5. Until Section 7 minutes 23 seconds left, Battier received Lori assists, Gucci Outlet third long shot hit the right corner! 62-63 Rockets finally caught up. Followed by Fisher offensive foul, Martin hit the go-ahead jumper with the Lakers back 1 point. The two sides began to tug of war, Martin gotta play a right-sided driving layup, free throw made 5 points 3 times in one breath, to help the Rockets 71-70 to maintain a slight advantage; did not last long, Odom layup, Bryant answered with 4 points turnaround jumper, Lakers scored 3 points advantage. Section III has been deadlocked the two teams to the final 57 seconds, Lori hit a top of the key people today, the first three-pointers, helping the Rockets tied the game 76-76! However, Shannon - Brown 2 caused Budinger free throw, the Lakers still lead 2 minutes into the fourth quarter 78-76.

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Asics Shoes And NBA

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This article was published on 2010/12/03